Wind-proof storage for garbage containers

Wind-proof storage for garbage containers

Hvað viltu láta gera? During windstorms, unsecured garbage containers are blown over, and the garbage inside of them falls out and is blown around. This is a problem for the environment and it is also very ugly. I would like to have the municipality provide the materials, guides, and expertise so that people can build (out of provided supplies, using provided support) wind-proof storage for garbage containers at their homes. This should reduce a lot of the waste blowing around in our community. Hvers vegna viltu láta gera það? After windstorms, we can see that there is a lot of plastic and other garbage on the ground and caught in bushes. This is very bad for the environment, for the birds and for the animals who may eat it, and it is also very ugly. If we secure our garbage cans so that they won´t be knocked over by the wind, this will reduce how much garbage is blowing around in our community. If the municipality provides the materials and the guides and knowledge to help people build wind-proof housing for their garbage bins, there should be fewer garbage containers knocked over in windstorms, and therefore less waste blowing around.


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